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FALL 2023 - SPRING 2024

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Once signed up, participants are enrolled for the entire school year.





Please check all the following statements to confirm you understand and agree to all of the following conditions:

I understand that the Tennis Schedule consists of 10 Sessions for Fall 2023- Spring 2024. If I want to start at a later date, I will email Carmen Pham ( for accommodations and requests. Requests are subject for review and may not be approved. Note: If you want to register for a later session, it will be based on availability.

Enrollment and Cancellation
•    Once enrolled, you are automatically enrolled throughout the Fall 2023-Spring 2024 school year.

•    We require 12 hours notice for make-ups or absences. A minimum of 4 students per grade range (class) is needed for the class to start.

•    We charge by sessions (each session is 4 weeks long with the exception of Session 5 and Session 10). To cancel your enrollment you must email Carmen Pham ( before the start of the next session. We do not accept late cancellations.

Deductions and Make-ups
•    Deductions for vacation or anticipated missed classes need to be given prior to the start of the session via email in order to be adjusted from tuition. 

•    If missing a class, you will need to email Carmen Pham ( at least 12 hours in advance in order to receive a make-up. We allow for 1 make-up per session.

•    Late cancellations or no-shows will not warrant a make-up or credit for the class. 

•    Make-ups will be scheduled through Carmen, based on availability. 

Rain Days
•    Rain days are notified through email, We do try to notify you at least 1 hour in advance, but please keep in mind rain is unpredictable. 

•    You can also check our rain status on Twitter. (@mh76updates)

•    Any rain days are deducted from the next session's tuition. 

Waiting lists
•    Waiting lists are only valid through the school year you registered for and go by the order of the registration received.

•    Students who are tennis members are given priority on the waiting lists. 

Tennis Membership Benefits
•    Tennis members receive early registration, priority on waiting lists, as well as a 10% discount on group classes, and a discount on private lessons. 

•    Swim and Fitness members do not qualify for the benefits. 

•    In order for students to receive the benefits above, the child needs to be a tennis member of the club as well. Children, 17 and under cannot hold their own membership. 




The tennis calendar year is a set schedule, and you will be enrolled for the entire school year starting Session 1 on August 14 2023.

Please note there are no classes on the following days:

Labor Day: 09/04

Thanksgiving: 11/23 - 11/24

Winter Break: 12/24 - 01/01

Memorial Day: 05/27

Orange Ball - Pricing:
Green Ball - Pricing:
Red Ball - Pricing:
Little Aces - Pricing:
Elite - Pricing:
High Performance Aces - Pricing:
Excellence - Pricing:
Yellow Ball - Pricing:
Tournament Training - Pricing:
Orange Ball - Frequency Per Week:
Green Ball - Frequency Per Week:
Red Ball - Frequency Per Week:
Little Aces - Frequency Per Week:
Elite - Frequency Per Week:
High Performance Aces - Frequency Per Week:
Excellence - Frequency Per Week:
Yellow Ball - Frequency Per Week:
Tournament Training - Frequency Per Week:
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